About Us

GAPS is a research lab affiliated with the State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG, and the College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University.

Our goal is to explore new ideas, techniques, and system designs for high-performance computer graphics, and to investigate new data structures, algorithms and programming languages/tools for parallel computing on many-core CPU/GPU platforms.

Our recent research activities focus on:

SPAP is a new programming language for heterogeneous many-core CPU/GPU systems. Standing for Same Program for All Processors, SPAP allows the same program to work efficiently on all processors of a heterogeneous system and fully utilize the heterogeneous processing power by automatically distributing computations among different processors.

RenderAnts Pro is a feature-film rendering system that runs entirely on GPUs. The system is over one order of magnitude faster than existing CPU-based renderers while generating comparably high-quality images.


GAPS Outstanding Contribution Awards: The GAPS Outstanding Contribution Award of 2014 was presented to Mingming He, for her significant contribution to RenderAnts Pro and numerous lab paper submissions.